I am Jen, the author of the page.  I have been in the fashion industry for my entire career and currently work as a merchant in the costume jewelry business.  I’ve always loved the finer things in life;  from clothing and accessories to home furnishings and decor.  When we moved to New York I became obsessed with food.  I will try anything.  No fear.  I write the majority of our posts.









Steve is my husband.  He’a an artist who devotes his time to creating and seeking out what’s happening in the vast art world of New York.  He posted projects and happenings on his Facebook Page as well until we decided to add Art to In NYC.  Now I will rely on him to help me maintain the Art and Entertainment pages, since that’s his specialty.


In NYC is a website devoted to all things NYC.  My husband and I have been doing so much in this city over the last 18 years, we felt we should share our experiences.  The concept began with  a Facebook Page and a New Year’s resolution in 2010.  I was determined to make my Facebook posts productive AND to come up with a New Year’s resolution I’d want to keep!  The idea came to mind to try a new restaurant every week for the entire year and write a review.  The result was ‘Culinary Tour 2010’.  Turns out we hit far more than 52 restaurants!  And during the process we had a great time.  Steve designed this fun logo…

By the time the year ended, it occured to me that we do much more than eat out.  We go to the galleries regularly, we go to shows, and man do we go to bars!  Why not expand?  So, in January 2011 we started a new Facebook Page called ‘In NYC’.  I was shocked to get this name.  But sadly, Facebook rules made it impossible for us to change our name or even carry our fan base to the new page.  The longer I posted on Facebook, the more I realized people just were not getting it.  To find reviews, you needed to go to the Notes Tab.  And there was no way to organize them…only chronological order.  I felt it could be much easier.  Thus, the concept of In NYC as a website came to mind.  I started my self-hosted WordPress Blog in April of 2011.  And we came up with a new image…which you will see ad naseum on this website.

In NYC Logo


I hereby make the disclaimer that I do not take all of the food photographs I post.  There are old reviews (2011) on this site using website photos, but my current policy is to use my own pics.  Since the launch of the iPhone 4S, I’ve mastered the art of phone food photography and it continues to improve each year with the 5, 6, 7 and 8.   The only exception is if a restaurant is dark.  I forego wasting my time with horrible photos and use the photos from the restaurant’s website.  The art/gallery, entertainment, travel and photo gallery images are all ours.  I also continue to buy the latest in one shot digital cameras and generally use them for travel photos.  In 2018 I am using the Canon PowerShot N100 with WiFi.

Below is a prime example of why it is sometimes necessary to trust the pros!  

Jen's iPhone Kuzu Stew

Jen’s iPhone Kuzu Stew

Soen's Kuzu Stew

Soen’s Kuzu Stew