Dirty Bird To Go – Fast Flow Food

Dirty Bird to Go

While it may be a bit bizarre to write up a fast food joint, I am doing it anyway!  There are now two locations of Dirty Bird To Go and it is likely one of the top ‘fast food’ options.  They serve fresh, local and sustainable organic foods.  Their ‘Dirty Birds’ are humanely raised in Pennsylvania, vegetable fed and antibiotic free. The menu is exceedingly simple.  Dirty Bird serves fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, chicken fingers, … Continue reading

Annual Beer & Bourbon Event

BBQ http://www.beerandbourbon.com/new-york/show-info la.venue 608 W. 28th @ 11th Ave – Chelsea $75/person VIP Event 12-4 All you can eat and drink If this comes to town annually, I’d recommend it. It’s a fun time for a group of friends. There’s plenty of opportunity to drink! Nothing special on the beer front and we are not bourbon drinkers, but we did try some. The food was plentiful. The BEST BBQ was Hill Country’s brisket on bourbon … Continue reading

Rubin Museum of Art (RMA)


The Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea is an excellent cultural excursion for a few short hours. It features Himalayan art in all forms from paintings and textiles to sculptural and religious objects. They have a variety of exhibitions at a time, generally ranging from ancient to modern. They also have films, dance and live music. There is a great cafe featuring traditional Himalayan foods. Wine and beer are served and there is a Himalayan Happy Hour on Wednesday evenings.

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Junoon Restaurant, Chelsea


Junoon is a Michelin Star, highly critically acclaimed Indian restaurant featuring celebrity chef Vikas Khanna.  Chef Khanna was also voted top ten ‘hottest’ Chefs in New York.  Hottest as in good-looking, not as in talented, although the Michelin Star he earned  proves he’s not just a pretty face.  He’s a bit younger in the second shot, but ladies, you get the picture. The decor of this restaurant is dramatic modern Indian with soaring ceilings and … Continue reading



Just a day before Adam Platt’s review of Salinas came out, I had booked reservations at Salinas. We were doing a Saturday afternoon Chelsea gallery jaunt and wanted to eat nearby. Lucky for us, I booked before the review rush.  He awarded it one star; two for the food and minus one for the ‘suburban atmosphere’.  I was a bit leery of the suburban atmosphere comment.  How bad could it be? We walked into a … Continue reading