Ma Peche

Update 10/21/2014 I dined at Ma Peche for about the 4th time tonight and feel compelled to express my massive disappointment with our meal.  I took work people thinking it would be cool to go to a famous chef spot that’s a bit hipper than the usual uptown fare.  They changed the format to dim sum carts, which seemed fun until we ate a bunch of lukewarm foods.  They of course added the pork bun … Continue reading

Totto Ramen and Hide-Chan Ramen

Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen and Hide-Chan Ramen are sister ramen restaurants both located on 52nd Street.  Totto Ramen is a tiny subterranean shop on West 52nd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues and Hide-Chan Ramen is a larger second floor space found on the East side between Second & Third Aves.  They are owned by Bobby Munekata, formerly of Yakitori Totto, a well-known mid-town Japanese Yakitori (chicken) restaurant.  It’s on our long list of to-do’s! Totto Ramen … Continue reading

Boulud Sud Mediterranee

Boulud Sud

After this meal we felt robbed.  Robbed of $262.  The vibe was tragically unhip.  At 46, we were easily the youngest in the restaurant save for one table with two young couples.  I did see one of the guys chug his whole glass of wine, which made me laugh.  The place had that kind of effect.  We were not planning on cocktails, but we HAD to have them, it was so uptight.  We intentionally made … Continue reading

Gruesome Playground Injuries,com_plays/task,viewPlay/id,139 Second Stage Theater 305 W. 43rd St. – Midtown West Written by: RAJIV JOSEPH Directed by: SCOTT ELLIS Starring: JENNIFER CARPENTER (Dexter) and PABLO SCHREIBER (The Wire) We started off a little late for this play. Jen’s dad came in from PA for a show and dinner to celebrate Christmas. It’s a late January Christmas celebration. We got a cab around 1:30PM but didn’t foresee the traffic. The Boat show was in town at … Continue reading

Hudson Library

Hudson Library 356 W. 58th Street – Midtown West Hotel Bar, Cocktail Bar The Library Bar has a mellow vibe. This should not be confused with an actual bar to hang in. There is no table service, a tiny bar in the corner, and the cocktails are $18. It’s a good spot if you are waiting to meet with someone uptown, to kill some time between museum spots, Columbus Circle or Central Park. There is a … Continue reading

China Grill

China Grill NYC

After all these years, I wondered if China Grill was ‘over’. The place was a mob scene, perhaps because we went during Restaurant Week. The decor is always impressive with the high ceilings, red circular lights and huge windows, but the cavernous space is LOUD. We could not hear one another over dinner, which was especially unfortunate for our guest visiting from Taiwan. By the end of the meal we were also overcome by HEAT … Continue reading