The Headless Horseman

headless horseman nyc

The Headless Horseman seems like an impeccable restoration of an old building, but having been in the former space, this was all created.  Recycled wood covers the ceilings and walls, exposed brick, faux crumbling doorways, metal chandeliers and gaslights create a Sleepy Hollow vibe with giant wood booths and banquettes.  It is dark, slightly illuminated by gaslight.  Clever work.  If you ever frequented the former 119 Bar in this location or Galaxy Bar next door … Continue reading

Tom Tom Club at Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza Irving Plaza, Irving Place   Good fun. It would have been better if David Byrne showed up for a solo – it was Tom Tom Club’s 30th Anniversary. We’re old, they’re older. The crowd was old. But it was great dance music and we enjoyed ourselves. I can only say it was too short; only an hour.                       … Continue reading

Casa Mono

Casa Mono

Spanish Tapas 52 Irving Place – Irving Place * Michelin Star Restaurant Mario Batali remains King of Rich and Delicious food – in this case, Spanish! We ate razor clams, Pork Belly, Foie Gras, Lamb Ribs and Cod Cheeks. The pork belly and the foie were incredible, the rest are more refined tastes. If you’ve never tried Cod Cheeks, this is the place to step out and do it. The wine list here is … Continue reading