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I just typed CLOSED 30 times.  And it made me nostalgic.  New York City is an ever-changing landscape of bars and restaurants opening and closing.  There was a time when I wanted to get to every hot spot ASAP.  No longer.  The landscape is now a growing sea of sameness owned by giant restauranteurs and famous chefs.  Everything has become a ‘restaurant group’ or an empire.

Since I’m back to posting, I thought it would be a good idea to get the website up to date on closures.  It was a walk down memory lane worth noting.  Funny, most of the restaurant closures are part of empires, but I’m nostalgic about them regardless.  Many I did not note, as they’ve come and gone not to be missed.  And then there are the bars…

Empires & Famous Chefs

restaurants, closed

Torrisi Brothers

North End Grill Closing – a Danny Meyer restaurant will bite the dust at the end of 2018 after having Floyd Cordoz and two other chefs.  He his not reopening the location with a new concept, rather, he is leaving Battery Park.  Not what he expected.

The Butterfly Closed – Michael White’s very cozy midcentury modern cocktail bar with 50’s comfort food couldn’t hold out in Tribeca.

Torrisi Italian Specialties Closed – the ‘Torrisi Brothers’ began with the quaint little prix fixe spot to screaming success and had a counter joint called Parm next door.  The rest is history.  Now they have an empire and Parm is a chain.  They got the Four Seasons gig while they were at it as well.  I miss Torrisi.

Harold Dieterle Closed – Kinshop Thai was our favorite, but he had four restaurants since winning the first Top Chef spot.

Tom Collicchio Closed – speaking of Top Chef, the show continues as the empire crumbles.  Craft.  Collicchio & Sons.  Craftbar.  Whichcraft survives.  Really?

Blue Ribbon Bakery & Kitchen Closed – Blue Ribbon continues to expand the empire, but sold out their prime location with brick ovens in the basement to the Emmy, Emily, Emmy Squared empire.  So they could afford the rent increase?

And also closed…

BouleyFatty ‘Cue(s), WD-50, Annisa, Spasso, DBGB, Recette, Veritas, Tremont, Empellon Cocina, Yunnan Kitchen, Wong, Telepan Local

Bars Gone Bye

Meade's Bar, bars, closed

Meade’s Bar

Cafe Noir(s), Cercle Rouge & Clarkson – all owned by The George Forgeois Group, surprisingly not defunct.  They’re still hanging on to Bar Tabac, Le Singe and Jules Bistro.

The big news is our Cercle Rouge hang has turned into Frenchette, a new bistro opened by two Keith McNally alums going out on their first venture.  Can’t get in it’s so hot.  So much for our outdoor sidewalk spot.

Cocktails – Mayahuel, 1534, Tillman’s

Dives – Milady’s, Red Bench

Hangs – Shoolbred’s, Meade’s

Mexican Radio

I am certain the list will continue to grow and I’ll keep updating the website to keep you informed.  Many of these spots have turned seamlessly into others…a blur of continuous change and gentrification.  Hoping new favorites emerge.


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