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Mezzanine Hotel, Restaurant & Bar – Tulum, Mexico — 7 Comments

  1. Hi guys,
    Thanks so much for such a great and detailed review on your stay at Mezzanine. Muchly appreciated! Nice photos as well! My wife and I are actually coming to NY on the 15th Aug for 5 nights (taking our daughter to the wiggles concert!) It would be fun to meet up for a drink if you are around.

    Brendon Leach

    • This is a post from one of the hotel owners posted on our Contact Us Page 10/11/2011. I have deleted the page and added a ‘Contact Us’ form.

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  3. My girlfriend Kelly and I booked a trip to the Mezzanine a few weeks ago. We upgraded to Room 10 for the six nights based on your recommendation.


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