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6/30/11 – We already went back to Mexican Radio for Margaritas!  This time I tried the ‘Short Wave’ margarita mixed with Citronage and Steve stuck with the ‘Transistor’ traditional margarita.  We ordered a special of the day again, which was a spin on their Chile Relleno.  Basically, it was two oven roasted stuffed poblano peppers.  Ours was a veggie version with mushrooms and cheese.  It was on a bed of fantastic creamy sauce and served with rice and beans.  Of course I didn’t grab the ingredients from the menu last night so I am not 100% sure of the sauce.  We have been very satisfied with our food selections here and would recommend it to anyone for classic cheesy, fattening, delicious Mexican food and Margaritas.

Last night there was a promotion for NagaBhutSpices Hot Sauce, which they serve and sell at Mexican Radio.  It’s got some heat!  But it has a nice finish to it.  We added it to every bite of our stuffed chiles.  Check them out on Facebook at


6/26/11 – We were in the mood for Mexican and really wanted to eat outside.  After checking out several places, we gave up on the outside thing.  But no worries, we will locate a place with descent outdoor seating eventually!  More than anything, it was a search for good margaritas.  We landed at Mexican Radio, a place we’d never gone.  It was pretty much what we expected.  The food was good enough and the drinks were too!

The atmosphere was low lighting (bad for iPhone 3GS pics), red walls and cool Mexican art and artifacts throughout.

We ordered the Platos Gigantes Special of the Day – Stacked Enchiladas.  They were corn tortillas layered  with grilled shrimp, peppers, onions, rice, beans, chile relleno (stuffed poblano peppers), tomato jalapeno sauce and melted muenster.  All this was topped with sliced avocados, pico de gallo and lime crema.  We decided to split it, which was a great choice.  The portions are tremendously huge.  So are the margaritas.  They can be upsized to Grande and there is a nice variety.  By the way, they do charge $1.50 for the little bowl of salsa you get with your chips. That’s a little cheap, but OK.

It certainly isn’t gourmet, but this is a fun and lively bar/restaurant.  We will very likely go back next time the mood strikes us for Margaritas and Mexican food.
19 Cleveland Place – NoLita


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