Small Business Saturday

Pledge to get out and show your support for small business!  Not just today, but for the entire Holiday season. We go every Black Friday to find empty shops all over the city and lines at the big stores offering giant discounts.

Does anyone know of a privately owned cool home store in NYC? I am always searching for unique Christmas decorations, home decor and gift items.  I will go visit the store and feature it on our website.

Here’s a Holiday Decorating share of a ridiculously expensive chain store item. The price is $50 for a 20′ string of LED lights!  I searched online for hours and was able to find a similar item 15′ for $29.99, which is still not cheap.  I’ve seen them called Starry Nights Lights and Fairy Lights. They come with silver, copper or green wire.  The wire is so fine it is imperceptible if you match the wire to the item you are decorating.  I found them mostly on Wedding Supply websites and also a few Christmas light suppliers, but only in green.  The green ones were the most affordable – 32′ for $29.  STILL crazy for a string of lights, but they are gorgeous.


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