Smoky Southeast Asian
50 Carmine St. – West Village

As always, we had every intention of hitting this spot since it opened. We picked the perfect evening to stop in.  It is neither Southern nor Mexican, so it was relatively quiet on ‘Cinco de Derby’.  We’d spent 3 hours at LowCountry eating fried chicken and drinking bourbon drinks in honor of the Kentucky Derby, so we were primed for our Cinco de Mayo celebration.  We stopped by to have a great meal in between.

But like Fatty Crab, they serve the ‘Recession Special,’ which is a PBR, pickleback and whiskey  shot as well as the ‘Panchito,’ which consists of Tecate, Sangrita and a tequila shot.  Needless to say this was unnecessary at this pont, but we balanced two each with 1/2 a pound of bacon, a soft shell crab and tripe.  I clumsily knocked into my neighbor’s drink while pointing out the tequila shot on the menu. Steve saved the day by insisting on buying a round and the bartender also replenished her drink and gave them shots on the house.

Trippa “Malaysiana” | red anchovy curry, crusty bread | 14
1/2 Pound Deep-Fried Bacon | ‘cue coriander bacon, sweet & spicy salsa verde | 19

      Fatty ‘Cue soft shell crab special | 19

I think well definitely go back for a proper dinner. We already knew from our experience with Fatty Crab that this was going to be a winner.


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