Kisan Concept Store – CLOSED
125 Greene Street – SoHo

This is a super-cool eclectic store carrying home goods, accessories and apparel for all ages and both genders. They’ve got books, hats ‘n’ gloves, cool apparel, stuffed animals, overpriced jewelry, handbags, vintage DVD’s and on it goes. There’s pretty much something for everyone. There’s something way cool about everything; it’s very urban. I’ve noted boutiques and reviewers now consider themselves ‘curated’, which cracks me up a bit. Let’s say well-chosen by a talented buyer to be more accurate. Being in the biz, I think ‘curated’ = merchandised. Although next time someone asks, perhaps it would be more interesting if I were a curator. Anyway, if you get a chance, check this spot out next time you are in Soho. It’s great for gifts AND yourself!

I was fascinated by a few items. First, they had this insane jewelry line. All of the chains were long and at the bottom were fully dressed metal cats, mice and rabbits who had movable joints like little barbie dolls. They are dressed in everything from chain mail to metallic fabric, satin and crochet. They are creepy as hell and very cool. Prices range from $350 to over $600, which is completely off the rails. But there’s something about them!

















Second, they also had some creepy cool kids items. I was liking this crazy stuffed vulture thing. Sounds scary, but it must be seen to be believed. Third, their cold weather accessory assortment is outstanding. Really unique stuff not for the shy. Last, their coffee table book selection is top notch. Below are some shots of the women’s items they carry. Most are designer brands.

They’ve also got a blog featuring designers, events and cool new items…




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