East River Esplanade – Pier 15

We took a walk over to the Seaport today and checked out the new Pier 15 park. The structure has been done for a few months, but we were hoping to see an open restaurant or other retail space on the pier. So far, nothing.  However we have photos from early spring vs. now and the greenery has come along nicely.  The hot weather brought out some truly crazy sunbathers.  One nice bonus is the breeze coming off the water.  But that sun in 98° weather is pretty brutal. We took shelter on the lower level in the shade where there are a few nice seating areas. Facing the water, there are great double seater lounges and facing the Harbor, there’s a large stadium seating area.  It faces the boats coming in at Pier 11 and the helicopter pad.

First, today’s pics…

And a couple from earlier this year showing the structure…


Pier 15 – South Street Seaport



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