DBGB Kitchen & Bar – CLOSED

This is our second visit to DBGB within a month. We planned to grab some food with friends at Double Crown before a party, but they were not serving bloody marys?! So off we went to DBGB. Twice our backup plan for another place! And great both times.

We’ve wanted to try DBGB since it opened, and, like many other restaurants, it fell down on the list and got forgotten. We were so glad we went. The decor is so well done. Daniel’s got the cash, so why not? It has an industrial feel with cement, grey leather and dark wood. The perimeter is all shelving stocked with products and the entire top shelf is a copper pot collection from every famous chef he knows. We were seated under Anthony Bourdain’s. The space is colossal and has large tables tucked into the sides, so there is plenty of room for large parties. The ‘booths’ are two long grey benches facing one another and they really seat 4, but since it wasn’t packed they were seating twos. Very luxurious space for NYC.

The menu is meat-centric, but also offers a wide variety of other options like raw bar and classic French fare. We decided to go with the ‘sausage’ section, in which they offer 9 types of house-made sausage made of veal, chorizo, pig’s head, beef or classic pork. Steve went with the DBGB Dog, clearly the biggest bargain on the menu. It comes served on china that looks like a paper hot dog plate and comes served with a tin pot full of fries. All for $9! And the bargain ends there. Many of the other sausages are pricey, to the tune of $15 for 1 sausage. For a mere $6 extra you can get two eggs added. Yes, $21 for an egg and sausage plate. That said, it was really good sausage and my eggs were poached to perfection.

We wanted  to go back for the burgers after our first visit.  And so we did…I went for the Yankee, Cara had the Frenchie, Derek tried sausages and Steve enjoyed his hotdog so much he had it again!

:: COLD ::
romaine, avocado, red pepper, carrot
grapefruit & ginger-sesame dressing

homemade beef wiener, sautéed onion, mustard
ketchup, 299 relish & fries

pork & cheddar link, hash browns
red onion crème frache
Add 2 eggs +$6

pork, duck gizzard & garlic link, cassoulet beans

The Yankee 6 oz beef patty with iceberg, tomato & vidalia onion on a sesame bun, essex st. pickle & fries
Add Vermont Cheddar +$2
Add Crispy Bacon +$2

The Frenchie 6 oz beef patty with confit pork belly arugula, tomato-onion compote & morbier cheese on a peppered brioche bun with cornichon, mustard & fries $17

299 Bowery – Bowery


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