King | Daily-Changing Menu of Seasonal Food

King Restaurant

King serves straightforward food with influences from France and Italy.  We needed some Google assistance on the menu, admittedly.  And we get out quite a bit, so that was surprising.  But everything from the carta di musica to the bicerin was amazing.  Read on to discover the joy of those two items.  And I’m not sure when they might be available again, as the menu changes daily.  The chefs are two women from London, Clare … Continue reading

Ma Peche

Update 10/21/2014 I dined at Ma Peche for about the 4th time tonight and feel compelled to express my massive disappointment with our meal.  I took work people thinking it would be cool to go to a famous chef spot that’s a bit hipper than the usual uptown fare.  They changed the format to dim sum carts, which seemed fun until we ate a bunch of lukewarm foods.  They of course added the pork bun … Continue reading

db Bistro Moderne – Miami

db bistro moderne

Our last stop in Miami was to a New York classic – Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne. So does this count as Miami or New York if it is a chain?  We’ll have to head uptown and try db Bistro Moderne to find out!  Or not.  For those of you who read our disappointing write up on Boulud Sud, you’ll know we are in no rush to hit another Danielle restaurant uptown. Nor were we … Continue reading

Cercle Rouge – CLOSED

Cercle Rouge

We have been frequenting Cercle Rouge since we lived in the South Street Seaport 6 years ago.  They are part of a restaurant group Forgeois Group, which includes Cafe Noir in Soho, another favorite spot.  Most recently, they opened Clarkson. The atmosphere and menu are 100% French Bistro.  We spend full days sitting in the sun, sipping wine and enjoying great food in the summer.  In the winter, we stop in for French Onion Soup, … Continue reading

Le Philosophe – CLOSED

Le Philosophe

Le Philosophe is located where the former Hung Ry restaurant  lived for a brief stint.  But restauranteurs are clamoring for spots on Bond Street, so it quickly converted to a forward-thinking French Bistro with a philosopher theme.  The early word from critics has been incredibly good, so we decided to check it out for a weekday lunch while I was taking a couple of days off.  Lunch is always a good time to try hot … Continue reading