Brooklyn Bridge Park – The Concession Stand Tour

We are covering the new Brooklyn Bridge Park in two parts.  First, there are the food stands. Second, the beautiful views and the well-designed public space.  This time Steve’s got the food reviews.  My part is the photo journal of the park. See Brooklyn Bridge Piers.

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By Steve
On Saturday, May 28th we decided to join the over one million people who walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge annually to visit some new food stands in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Our first stop was the Ditch Plains Drop-in stand.  The stand itself is basically a doorway.  The structure looks very new and sits on your left as you enter the park at Old Fulton and Furman Streets.  The menus and specials were displayed to right of and on the door.

We went with the Lobster Roll for $14.  We have had most of the dishes at their restaurant in the West Village, but never the Lobster Roll.  I enjoyed it.  It was tasty and cold.  There was plenty of lobster, not too much mayo and it was served on a potato roll.  Perfect for hot afternoon in the sun.

So far so good! Thank you Marc Murphy, we will back.

You may also want to try the Red Hook Lobster Pound, which was under a tent on the Fulton Ferry Pier.  All they serve are lobster rolls at $16.50 a pop.

Our second stop was the Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar.  At the moment the kitchen area is under a tent on an elevated cement patio up a path to the right just past Ditch Plains.  It is surround by new trees and plants with umbrella tables and a stunning view of Manhattan and the bridge.

We found a shady seat and ordered a grilled cheese with basil-tomato chutney along with a glass of Pinot Noir and Lighthouse Ale.  It was a great spot for a drink, some people watching and a great view!

The grilled cheese was not very exciting to look at but the flavor was there.  Jen was on the fence about it but I thought it tasted great when eaten with the chutney.  The grilled cheese was priced at $6.  The wine was $9 and the beer $8.

Our next stop was Calexico Cart.  I ordered two Chipotle pork soft tacos with slow cooked pulled pork, pickled red onions and crema for $3 each.  Great price!  The guys working the cart like to interact with the customers while they cook up your food and it makes the time go by quickly.  When they were done we took a seat at one of the many benches placed throughout the park and ate.  The tacos were tasty.  Next time we will try the chicken and maybe a burrito.

It was time for some sweets.  Blue Marble Ice Cream.  Only a few feet from Calexico Cart is a little ice cream cart.  It was simple, but so delicious.  The choices are vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  We shared a double scoop cone of chocolate and vanilla for $5.  YUM!

These four food stands are all on Pier One within feet of each other.  They are definitely worth a try and the views are fantastic.  We were also lucky because the park wasn’t crowded and we did not have to deal with lines.

There is also another ice cream stand called Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  It is located on the Fulton Ferry Landing with Redhook Lobster Pound.  There is also a brick and mortar version which has always been there.

Next up we walked from pier 1 to pier 6.   Piers 2, 3, 4 and 5 are under construction but it is an easy walk or bike ride to get to pier 6.  Pier 6 is the home of Bark Hot Dogs.  Bark is set up under a tent and has seating around it, but no shade.  I believe they will have a permanent structure soon, as it appeared to be a lot of construction still going on around them.

We ordered up a cheese bratwurst for $6.  This was the best purchase of the day.  Every bite had popping crisp skin and oozing cheese.  It was perfectly done and very fresh.  They offer many free condiments on the side:  onions, sauerkraut, tomato relish, pickle relish, ketchup, mustard, etc… This was by far our favorite concession of the day.

Beside Barks was also Uncle Louie G’s Italian Ice…

And for some reason we did not see Milk Truck…

But we will do it again soon to try the spots we missed.

All in all it was a great day.  The park is great and there is so much more to come.  So go check it out and enjoy a sunny day on Brooklyn’s waterfront.



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