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Left Bank, West Village — 3 Comments

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  2. I am a newcomer to your site & restaurant reviews. I am a value-oriented consumer. Gotta say for the, at best, Spartan appearance of this place, the limited menu & the seemingly exorbitant prices (e.g., $26 Pork Chop – WTF ??) I’m wondering why anyone would give it more than 6 mos. survival? If ‘In NYC’ wants substantial site traffic you need to ‘up your game’. You reviews should, at least implicitly, provide value positioning with some of the plethora of more enticing restaurants at comparable price points.

    • Rich, there are plenty of other restaurants on the site for you to check out. Not all of our posts are about expensive restaurants, however, this restaurant really is pretty reasonable for New York prices. I would not consider it ‘fine dining’ or ‘special occasion’ by any means. I am sorry you are not happy with our game, but we try new and noteworthy restaurants. We are certainly happy to check out a local neighborhood place with great food and reasonable prices. But great food is the goal here. And sharing the news about whether a new spot is worth visiting.

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