Everett Bradley – Holidelic 2011 at Joe’s Pub


This is our second year attending Everett Bradley’s Holidelic at Joe’s Pub.  Last year we were absolutely blown away with his funk show.  We had no idea what to expect!  We’ve since purchased both Holidelic and his first album, Toy.  This year we were familiar with all of the songs and knew the lyrics to many.  Everett Bradley and his talented group of singers and musicians did not fail to impress the second time around.  This will be our kickoff to the holiday season for as long as he performs it!

For those who are not familiar with Everett Bradley, he is a multi-talented jazz singer, songwriter, percussionist, pianist, sax player, dancer and actor.  He performs many types of music, but this particular show is specifically a FUNK Christmas show.  Bradley has a huge persona and combined with his giant platforms and illuminated white ‘fro, his performance is explosive.  Everett, the band and his dynamic backup singers create a magnetic energy that makes for truly one of the best live performances we’ve seen.  They’ve got a minimum of about 10 people on stage at any given time and there are always an array of musical guests for duets.

Here’s a link to the official video…http://youtu.be/2T6needa2cs

Holidelic CD Cover & Logo

Last year we took my Sister-In-Law and her fiancee.  Prior to Joe’s Pub remodel we were RIGHT below the stage.  It was a tad uncomfortable, but we really SAW the show.  Here’s a pic I took with my iPhone to give you an idea of how close we sat!

This year we decided to book a table for 6 so we’d all be comfortable.  Steve’s sister and Larry joined us again and we had a couple of friends come too.  Our friend Crystal sings, so it was perfect when Everett approached her for lyrics on ‘Holiday Freak’ as the rest of us cowered away from him (Ok, maybe only me – I can’t sing).  And Denise was the perfect person to have Everett come sit on her lap for a photo opp during the show!


Denise, Jen & Steve

Crystal, Paula & Larry

Until next year…



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