Belle Reve | End of an Era

Belle Reve

Background Belle Reve means ‘sweet dreams’ or ‘beautiful dream’ in French.  But also, it is the name of the plantation in Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.  And most notably in recent history, the penitentiary in Suicide Squad.  All great references for a bar name. Since it opened just over 3 years ago, we have been frequenting our longest-running favorite NYC bar, Belle Reve in Tribeca.  We first discovered it not knowing the bar was … Continue reading

CLOSED | Restaurants and Bars NYC

Meade's Bar, bars, closed

Closed I just typed CLOSED 30 times.  And it made me nostalgic.  New York City is an ever-changing landscape of bars and restaurants opening and closing.  There was a time when I wanted to get to every hot spot ASAP.  No longer.  The landscape is now a growing sea of sameness owned by giant restauranteurs and famous chefs.  Everything has become a ‘restaurant group’ or an empire. Since I’m back to posting, I thought it … Continue reading

Harry’s NYC | A Wall Street Institution Since 1972

stone street, bar

Our Go-To Gets a Remodel We have very few ‘regular’ spots we can count on for solidly good food in Battery Park/Financial District. Harry’s NYC is one of them. Formerly Harry’s Cafe & Steak, now just Harry’s. Named after Harry Poulakakos, who’s family owns many downtown institutions, this spot is focused on Steak and does cater to the Wall Street crowd on weeknights. But for those of us living near Stone Street, this is a … Continue reading

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

3/9/2014 As we arrived at Otto, I captured the classic shot of the awning and the delivery bikes.  It has been the same for years. With the onslaught of the latest and greatest, we often forget about the old favorites – those places that have been around for years and deserve their reputation.  Not that Otto Enoteca Pizzeria is a quaint little Mom & Pop shop or anything.  It is part of the ever-growing Mario … Continue reading

The Butterfly – CLOSED

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is the latest addition to Chef Michael White’s growing empire.  Michael White is a Michelin starred chef most famous for Marea uptown, Osteria Morini and Ai Fiori downtown.  His training is in Italian food, but most recently he’s going back to his mid-western Wisconsin roots.   We’d heard it was inspired by his hometown in Wisconsin and that it was a ‘supper club’.  We were so pleasantly surprised when we got there!  It … Continue reading

Smith and Mills

Smith and Mills

Smith and Mills is a tiny little bar in an old carriage house on North Moore Street in Tribeca. The door is unmarked.   Smith and Mills is owned by Matt Abramcyk of Tiny’s Tribeca and Employees Only.  As with his other bars, the decor and cocktails are the headliner and good food is a great bonus.  It is also as dimly lit as the others.  So our first daylight visit yielded some descent photos … Continue reading