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Pork Bone Ramen

We used to be huge fans of Zutto Japanese Brasserie in TriBeCa. The pork bone ramen broth was second to none. Seriously. Until one day it wasn’t. We only went back a couple of times after. Not only was it not the same, but it also got ugly. Too much black seaweed. And it ruined the flavor too. One day I searched online for a change in chef and wouldn’t you know…he opened his own ramen place in Chelsea. Next ‘Gallery Day’ we were locked in!

Jun-Men (純麺), meaning pure-noodle, is also the name of the Executive Chef Jun Park at Jun-Men Ramen Bar.

Located in Chelsea, Jun-Men Ramen Bar offers ramen lovers a charming dining experience perfect for any special occasion or casual get-together.

Jun-Men Ramen Bar is located between 25th and 26th on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea. It is conveniently in the middle of the Galleries and makes a perfect lunch spot. The interior is rather small and minimalist with a kitchen bar, communal tables and two tops in the windows. We chose to sit at the bar and watch our food prep.

It was a tad hot, but worth the watch. We were in and out quickly, ordering our fave ramens and Orion Beers. Steve is a classic tonkatsu guy and I prefer the spicy version. His is the opening shot, mild and clean with a perfect egg. The noodles were different from Zutto and I think the broth was a bit lighter as well. But amazing still. Perhaps better. Our new go-to. Yep. We choose it over Ippudo and all of the hype spots.

I had the spicy pork bone broth and really enjoyed the smoky and mild heat. I didn’t find myself breaking into a hot pepper oil sweat. Maybe just a bit from the hot broth and the kitchen. Also a beautiful dish, below pre and post mixing.

Spicy Pork Bone Ramen

So Mr. Jun Park your fans have found you once again. We will send everyone we can! One last entry…the bone broth stir video


Jun-Men Ramen Bar, 249 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001  Phone: 646-852-6787

Mon-Thurs 11:30-3, 5-10, Fri-Sat 11:30-3, 5-11 and Closed Sunday

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