Jun-Men Ramen Bar | Pure Noodles in Chelsea

We used to be huge fans of Zutto Japanese Brasserie in TriBeCa. The pork bone ramen broth was second to none. Seriously. Until one day it wasn’t. We only went back a couple of times after. Not only was it not the same, but it also got ugly. Too much black seaweed. And it ruined the flavor too. One day I searched online for a change in chef and wouldn’t you know…he opened his own … Continue reading



Wong is New York’s first Farm to Table ‘locavore’ Asian restaurant.  The Chef, Simpson Wong, is Malaysian and has a history of restaurants in New York.  One, Jefferson, was made famous by the girls of Sex & the City back in 2004.  So it has been some time since he has been on the hot list.  This establishment will get him right back there. A couple of lobster dishes are a big draw – Lobster Egg … Continue reading

Totto Ramen and Hide-Chan Ramen

Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen and Hide-Chan Ramen are sister ramen restaurants both located on 52nd Street.  Totto Ramen is a tiny subterranean shop on West 52nd Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues and Hide-Chan Ramen is a larger second floor space found on the East side between Second & Third Aves.  They are owned by Bobby Munekata, formerly of Yakitori Totto, a well-known mid-town Japanese Yakitori (chicken) restaurant.  It’s on our long list of to-do’s! Totto Ramen … Continue reading

Sugarcane – Miami

Sugarcane Miami

We chose to go to Sugarcane in Midtown Miami on our second last night. I’d seen an Instagram of some pretty nice looking bone marrow and seafood dishes and made a note of it. After doing some research I discovered they are part of the Sushi Samba group (hmmm, good or bad?) and get some pretty good reviews. We were primarily interested in seafood and not going to South Beach. The idea of not going … Continue reading

Zutto Japanese American Pub

Zutto Japanese American Pub

We have been to Zutto Japanese American Pub more times than I can count in the past year. It has become a favorite of this food blogging team! We have now settled into a few after a few years of weekly newness. Our last visit was Memorial Day Weekend 2013 on a rainy and freezing afternoon. I got a better shot of the tonkotsu ramen, Steve’s favorite and felt it might be time for an … Continue reading

Yardbird – Hong Kong

33-35 Bridges Street – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong http://www.yardbirdrestaurant.com Japanese, Asian-fusion, Hot Spot, Chicken-themed For the first time in years, I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong on business.  I had forgotten what a beautiful city it is and how easy it is to navigate.  And for the first time I was not with a large entourage with every night booked at the Intercontinental or Felix at the Peninsula.  I was determined to … Continue reading