Gruesome Playground Injuries,com_plays/task,viewPlay/id,139 Second Stage Theater 305 W. 43rd St. – Midtown West Written by: RAJIV JOSEPH Directed by: SCOTT ELLIS Starring: JENNIFER CARPENTER (Dexter) and PABLO SCHREIBER (The Wire) We started off a little late for this play. Jen’s dad came in from PA for a show and dinner to celebrate Christmas. It’s a late January Christmas celebration. We got a cab around 1:30PM but didn’t foresee the traffic. The Boat show was in town at … Continue reading

John Gabriel Borkman – BAM BAM Harvey Theater – Fort Greene, Brooklyn I was lucky enough that our good friend Paula had an extra ticket to see the new take on an old play called John Gabriel Borkman. What a great treat it was. The show played at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. I don’t travel outside of Manhattan to often, but I decided this would be a good time to check out … Continue reading

John Malkovitch, The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer – BAM

Infernal Comedy

It is no secret that John Malkovitch is a strange man.  And a talented actor.  When my friend asked me to join her to see a performance called the Infernal Comedy Confessions of a Serial Killer starring John Malkovitch at BAM in Brooklyn, I said absolutely, yes.  It was to be staged in the Howard Gillman Opera House, so I knew it would be an opera.  Would he sing?!  What was this going to be? … Continue reading

King Lear – The Public Theater,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,141/id,1038 425 Lafayette Street – East Village/Astor Place by William Shakespeare directed by James Macdonald Starring Sam Waterston Our friend was going out of town and is a member of The Public Theater.  She passed us a pair of tickets to see King Lear.  I am most certainly not a critic of Shakespearean acting or of the theater in general, however, I did take three consecutive Advanced Writing courses in college in which I read … Continue reading

Everett Bradley in Menage de Musique & Holidelic

Everett Bradley

Musical Theater Menage de Musique, Triad Theater 158 W. 72nd St. – Upper West Side This was a unique ‘lounge act’ in the Triad Theater, which is a small cabaret-like theater on the Upper West Side. One of the performers was Everett Bradley, who we saw at Joe’s Pub over the holidays (see full review below). It was such a fantastic show we decided to check him out in a completely different genre. His claim … Continue reading