Motivation, Confession and Promise of a Disenchanted Blogger

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The Confession It has been 3 years and 4 months since my last post.  There is no real reason except perhaps boredom with the food scene.  More and more ‘chain’ restaurants and giant restauranteurs continue to expand their kingdoms.  My own neighborhood is a victim of this standardization of America.  We certainly have not stopped the continuous pursuit of food or drink.  However, my motivation to write about it has dropped off over the years. … Continue reading

Reflections on Blogging – Two Years In

It will be coming up on two years since launching In NYC on April 8th. I look back at the journey from our Culinary Tour 2010 on Facebook, which was a New Year’s Resolution to try a new restaurant every week to today, when I go to so many restaurants I cannot even write them all up. Surprisingly, I’m not much worse for the wear around the waistline. I’ve learned about the restaurant industry, food … Continue reading