Wong is New York’s first Farm to Table ‘locavore’ Asian restaurant.  The Chef, Simpson Wong, is Malaysian and has a history of restaurants in New York.  One, Jefferson, was made famous by the girls of Sex & the City back in 2004.  So it has been some time since he has been on the hot list.  This establishment will get him right back there. A couple of lobster dishes are a big draw – Lobster Egg … Continue reading

Hi Fans – Waiting for a Post

Torrisi Italian Specialties

I’ve had a rough spot looking for a new career…but all is secured and we NEVER stopped going out.  I just couldn’t motivate to write.  So for the next 16 days I plan to slam up the best of what we’ve done in the last month or so via my iPad on vacation. But for those of you not following Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Foodspotting I recommend jumping on one of those.  We are always … Continue reading

Googa Mooga 2013 – Reflections on Googa Mooga 2012 by Derek O’Connor

Googa Mooga 2013

With the date nearly upon us for Googa Mooga 2013, as much as we have learned, New York still seems to have a great way of keeping secret the best things it has to offer and then letting the world know it happened afterwards via friends twitter and Facebook accounts. You may have missed it last year but a free mini festival that celebrated craft beer, fashionable food and the service industry artisans started to … Continue reading

Reflections on Blogging – Two Years In

It will be coming up on two years since launching In NYC on April 8th. I look back at the journey from our Culinary Tour 2010 on Facebook, which was a New Year’s Resolution to try a new restaurant every week to today, when I go to so many restaurants I cannot even write them all up. Surprisingly, I’m not much worse for the wear around the waistline. I’ve learned about the restaurant industry, food … Continue reading