American Creative/Mixed Cuisines
inspired culinary combinations, cutting edge culinary techniques, and innovative use of ingredients
50 Clinton St. – Lower East Side

Perfection. Plain and simple. If you love food, this is it. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, the food beyond elegant. Absolutely the best I’ve had in NYC. And yes, that is over Daniel and Le Bernadin. Why? It is heavenly food MINUS the stuffiness and pretentiousness. Everyone is there because they are food adventurers. I noticed people sharing comments from table to table the entire evening. Every bite is a new surprise with a blast of flavors great on their own and mixed together.

Wylie Dufrene

Pictures speak a thousand words. I am stealing Wiley’s right off his site unless we had something not pictured. We opted to leave the camera at home so as not to make a spectacle of ourselves. All we have are iPhone shots and they suck comparatively.  Below menu is fully in photos.  The cocktails are worth mentioning as much as the food.

If you have unlimited funds, go and get the Chef’s Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing. I won’t even tell you how much it is…


Aerated Foie Gras, Pickled Beet, Mashed Plum, Brioche $19

Cuttlefish, Cashew, Rootbeer, Watercress $19


Iberico Pork Neck, Smoked Paprika Spaetzle, Peach, Marcona Almond $33

Venison Chop, Freeze Dried Polenta, Fennel, Asian Pear $34 (iPhone pic)

Hazelnut Tart, Coconut, Chocolate, Chicory $15

Bourgogne Aligoté Domaine Michel Lafarge 2007
Burgundy, France ~ aligoté
red apple, orange zest, chalk
15.50 glass 60.00 bottle

Banana Head
Banana infused rum with Alagash White Beer

Viaemillia Italian Pilsner

And last, I just loved the bathroom tile job and the flowers (both iPhone shots)!



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