Kutsher’s Tribeca – CLOSED

Kutsher's Tribeca

Kutsher’s Tribeca is a Kosher Jewish-American restaurant we frequent in Tribeca.  They serve amazing pastrami sandwiches and matzo ball soup among other classic specialties.  We’ve visited on a few occasions which are detailed below. 4/7/2013 Kutsher’s Tribeca is a huge hot spot at the moment.  Restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow of Mr. Chow fame has partnered with Zach Kutsher of Catskill’s resort fame.  It is a tremendous success thus far. They have a lively bar scene with … Continue reading

Mile End Sandwich

Mile End Sandwich

We visited Mile End Sandwich as a portion of our Cheap Eats Walking Tour which we attempted shortly after both New York Magazine and Time Out New York published their ‘Eat Cheap’ and ‘Cheap Eats’ issues, respectively. Mile End’s original location, like many of the new inexpensive hot spots, is in Brooklyn. They’ve been getting an insane amount of press and for damn good reason. Truly, the sandwiches are classic yet original, well thought out, … Continue reading

Cheap Eats Food Tour

Momofuku Noodle Bar

This week New York Magazine published their annual ‘Eat Cheap’ issue, not so different from Time Out’s ‘Cheap Eats’ issue. Either way, both have been talking about all of the latest food crazes, most of which fall into the ‘less than $25’ meal category. And we love a day-long food smack down, so why not try a variety of new spots and take a trek around the city? We always forget how quickly one gets … Continue reading