Tiny’s Tribeca


We went to Tiny’s Tribeca twice prior to posting a review. I had begun writing, but never added the photos. My impression changed slightly after a meal and I was able to take some of my own pics, so it was good I waited.  We’ve now been back a third time and started frequenting another bar owned by the same group called Smith & Mills, also in Tribeca. 10/19/2011 Tiny’s is a new bi-level restaurant/bar in … Continue reading

Mile End Sandwich

Mile End Sandwich

We visited Mile End Sandwich as a portion of our Cheap Eats Walking Tour which we attempted shortly after both New York Magazine and Time Out New York published their ‘Eat Cheap’ and ‘Cheap Eats’ issues, respectively. Mile End’s original location, like many of the new inexpensive hot spots, is in Brooklyn. They’ve been getting an insane amount of press and for damn good reason. Truly, the sandwiches are classic yet original, well thought out, … Continue reading

Cheap Eats Food Tour

Momofuku Noodle Bar

This week New York Magazine published their annual ‘Eat Cheap’ issue, not so different from Time Out’s ‘Cheap Eats’ issue. Either way, both have been talking about all of the latest food crazes, most of which fall into the ‘less than $25’ meal category. And we love a day-long food smack down, so why not try a variety of new spots and take a trek around the city? We always forget how quickly one gets … Continue reading

Chicago Specialty Foods

Mr Beef

Chicago is known for it’s growing fine dining and overall food scene.  And believe me, we sure checked that part out too.  But our afternoon plans involved trying Chicago Specialty Foods which include Italian Beef Sandwiches, Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago-Style Hot Dogs.  We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed every minute. Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches In Chicago there is deep dish pizza and there are Chicago-style dogs, but many do not know that the real ‘beef’ … Continue reading

Xie Xie – CLOSED

Xie Xie

I visited Xie Xie for lunch one day to try their famous  Asian fusion sandwiches.  I was happy to see Top Chef Angelo Sosa in the kitchen and took a couple of really poor iPhone shots.  He took my order and did all of the table service single-handedly.  He was extremely pleasant to his customers.  He actually noticed I was waiting a long time and caught that the guy making the sandwiches had overlooked my … Continue reading

Wogies Bar & Grill


Wogies has been a favorite of ours for almost 10 years.  Being from PA, we are constantly craving Philly cheese steaks.  And none ever really fit the bill.  We searched for years until we finally found the right spot.  Now whenever we get that craving it’s our go-to cheesesteak bar. If we are going with take-out, Carl’s Steaks is the winner.  99 Miles to Philly is almost as good as Wogies, but it’s a takeout/eat-in … Continue reading