Randolph Beer

343 Broome St. – Bowery
Bar, Gastropub, American

We set out to check out a few new bars on a quiet Labor Day Weekend in NYC.  Nothing like a 3 day weekend to send everyone out of town!  Randolph Beer has been open for about 6 months and is located on Broome between Elizabeth and Bowery.  It is a rather huge space and well-appointed.  They have a large craft beer program with beers categorized by flavor and a simple and delicious food menu.

We loved the big, wide bar and rustic, reclaimed wood decor with metal accents and a tin ceiling.  The front area had small cocktail tables with beer barrel chairs and a large dining area with huge booths that could easily seat 6.  A collection of antique items line the walls.

The bar was copper topped with a really wide lip on it.  To eat, you have to place your dish on the lip.  It is a bit awkward for eating, but I’m betting practical for drinking.  Spills go inward, where there is a nice trough on the inside edge of the bar.  They kept their water bottles for service in an aluminum bucket at the end of the bar, which was a nice touch.

Also, they used iPads for taking orders and seating charts which were mounted into large railroad-tie like hunks of wood to give them a permanent location.  TV screens were placed strategically throughout the bar, but had cool covers to camouflage them for nightlife.  The back has an open kitchen and a giant table in front of the window.

A favorite spot, however, was the basement!  There are restrooms on both floors, but head downstairs and check it out.  There is a storage area enclosed with wood, painted blue with ‘post no bills’ signs printed on it.  The room opens up into a huge graffiti-painted area.  It is not only fun, but really well done.  The bathrooms are painted as well.  Empty kegs are piled in the corner, giving it the look of a street.

Men’s Room

So far, so good.  No doubt this spot draws a nice crowd at night!  The food selection was nice, a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy options.  We were looking to eat light, so I was pleased to find a kale and quinoa salad and Steve just ordered a Shishito pepper appetizer with Soy.  We were both pleased with our meals.

I am sure most days this spot is pretty crowded, but based on the giant proportions it may be manageable.  Check it out!



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