Rye House

Rye House

Rye House has been open since late 2009 and we’ve been there countless times over the years.  They opened at the time of the specialty liquor craze along with places like Madam Geneva or Mayahuel (gin and tequila, respectively).  Rye House does offer a full selection of alcohol but specializes in American whiskeys.  They also have a nice bar menu which I suppose characterizes them as a ‘gastro-pub’.  It is a large space with a … Continue reading

Rogue and Canon – CLOSED

Rogue and Canon

Remember XR Bar on the NE corner of Houston and Sullivan?  The newest iteration is Rogue and Cannon, opened by Johnny Swet and Larry Poston of Jimmy at the James Hotel.  This dive bar is now a stylish looking pub also serving upscale cocktails.  While the atmosphere is a huge improvement, the crowd still is a bit NYU.  But we’ll take it!  This is an area where we often find ourselves wandering around.  Usually we … Continue reading

The Headless Horseman

headless horseman nyc

The Headless Horseman seems like an impeccable restoration of an old building, but having been in the former space, this was all created.  Recycled wood covers the ceilings and walls, exposed brick, faux crumbling doorways, metal chandeliers and gaslights create a Sleepy Hollow vibe with giant wood booths and banquettes.  It is dark, slightly illuminated by gaslight.  Clever work.  If you ever frequented the former 119 Bar in this location or Galaxy Bar next door … Continue reading

Meade’s Bar and The South Street Seaport – CLOSED

Meade's Bar, bars, closed

22 Peck Slip – South Street Seaport Bar/Restaurant, Local Hangout, Outdoor Drinking Jen did a prior write up on Meade’s, but this article has more to do with what happened during and after hurricane Sandy.  The Seaport was one of, if not the worst hit areas of Manhattan.  We moved to the Seaport from the Chelsea area in the Winter of 2006.  It was around the same time that Meade’s opened.  When we moved to the Seaport … Continue reading

Dumbo Arts Festival – Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo, Brooklyn http://www.dumboartsfestival.com We’ve been attending the Dumbo Arts Festival for a few years and generally enjoy a full day there.  But for the past two years we’ve noticed a steep decline in the quality of the ‘Open Studio’ art.  There are plenty of other things to check out, but isn’t the artist kind of the point of this whole thing?   Perhaps not anymore, with the rise of the corporate sponsor.  There were signs … Continue reading

Randolph Beer

We were pleased to discover this ‘craft beer focused bar and restaurant’ this weekend near the Bowery. They have 36 beers on tap, a nice menu and a huge space. You’ll find a long copper bar, lots of reclaimed wood tables, big screen TV’s and a cool graffiti covered basement.

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