Dumbo Arts Festival – Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo, Brooklyn http://www.dumboartsfestival.com We’ve been attending the Dumbo Arts Festival for a few years and generally enjoy a full day there.  But for the past two years we’ve noticed a steep decline in the quality of the ‘Open Studio’ art.  There are plenty of other things to check out, but isn’t the artist kind of the point of this whole thing?   Perhaps not anymore, with the rise of the corporate sponsor.  There were signs … Continue reading

West Village Bar Hop

Rusty Knot

Summer 2010 Casa La Femme, The Rusty Knot, The Upholstery Store, The Other Room This was an interesting little West Village Bar Hop. We stumbled through this neighborhood after/during a lame ‘concert in the park’ on Pier 45 by West 10th St. We couldn’t stand the heat, so we moved it inside. I’m not necessarily recommending doing this as a bar hop unless you are pretty hardy. Each one stands alone. How did we wind … Continue reading