Milady’s Bar & Restaurant

miladys nyc

Milady’s Bar in Soho is a classic dive bar.  It is a gem still standing in a gentrified and shopified neighborhood.  The Red Bench, our former Sullivan Street stand-by dive bar has been closed down.  It was a long time coming, but last night we were in that kind of mood in the middle of Soho and nowhere to go!  We’d had some appetizers and a few cocktails at Clarkson, a new hot spot nearby. … Continue reading

Meade’s Bar and The South Street Seaport

Meade's Bar

22 Peck Slip – South Street Seaport Bar/Restaurant, Local Hangout, Outdoor Drinking Jen did a prior write up on Meade’s, but this article has more to do with what happened during and after hurricane Sandy.  The Seaport was one of, if not the worst hit areas of Manhattan.  We moved to the Seaport from the Chelsea area in the Winter of 2006.  It was around the same time that Meade’s opened.  When we moved to the Seaport … Continue reading

Dumbo Arts Festival – Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo, Brooklyn We’ve been attending the Dumbo Arts Festival for a few years and generally enjoy a full day there.  But for the past two years we’ve noticed a steep decline in the quality of the ‘Open Studio’ art.  There are plenty of other things to check out, but isn’t the artist kind of the point of this whole thing?   Perhaps not anymore, with the rise of the corporate sponsor.  There were signs … Continue reading

The Brooklyneer

The Brooklyneer is a fave spot of ours. They have a new Brooklyneer Pilsner we are diggin’ on a hot summer day. Order a dog, beers are $1. Always on the menu! Brooklyneer Dog $6 Mile End All Beef Hotdog, Pickle Guys mustard, ketchup, Buttermilk Channel B & B relish Brunswick Dog. $6 Mile End All-Beef Hotdog, Brunswick Stew, chopped onions and cheddar cheese String artwork 4th of July before they got totally slammed!   … Continue reading

JM Curley – Boston


Way up in the north-east there is this gastropub… gastropub I wanna tell ya about.  Gastropub by the name of JM Curley.  At least that was the handle the owner gave it but it’s regulars call it Curley’s.  Now, “Curley’s” – that’s a name no one would self-apply where I come from.  But then there was a lot about Curley’s that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  And a lot about where it is … Continue reading

The Wren

bar/restaurant, pub, gastro-pub 344 Bowery – Soho The Wren is located on the old Sala space, RIP. And it is a welcome change. The Wren is owned by the team from Wilfie & Nell, a lovely little spot in the West Village. This is a far more spacious version. The atmosphere is quite warm despite high ceilings and a fairly cavernous space. We dropped by early during a Giants game to grab some food … Continue reading