Boulud Sud Mediterranee

Boulud Sud

After this meal we felt robbed.  Robbed of $262.  The vibe was tragically unhip.  At 46, we were easily the youngest in the restaurant save for one table with two young couples.  I did see one of the guys chug his whole glass of wine, which made me laugh.  The place had that kind of effect.  We were not planning on cocktails, but we HAD to have them, it was so uptight.  We intentionally made … Continue reading



4/10/2011 Balaboosta is Yiddish for ‘perfect housewife’ and modeled after the Chef’s Aunt, who’s large portrait is featured prominently in the dining room and on the website. It’s a bit disturbing as the woman looks a little mean. You can see the resemblance in the Chef :). The food is ‘home cooking’ Middle Eastern/Mediterranean style. The Chef/Owner Einat Admony also owns and operates Taim in the West Village, known for it’s killer felafel. And it … Continue reading

Pera Soho


Eastern Mediterranean 54 Thompson St. – Soho Pera’s original location is in Midtown, but they recently expanded to a Soho location.  They are known for their signature mezes, or specialty cuts of grilled marinated meats and seafood with sides.  All meats are grilled on a 10′ open fire grill. Every summer we seek outdoor dining spaces. This year, this newbie in Soho immediately landed on our weekend afternoon list.   It is located at … Continue reading

Turks & Frogs

Turks & Frogs

Mediterranean 458 Greenwich St. – TriBeCa Our first experience with Turks & Frogs was the small W. Village wine bar.  Once we realized there was a full restaurant with space in our neighborhood  we thought we’d found a new hang.  We made a rather early reservation on a Friday evening in June. When we arrived the place was relatively empty except for a large party going to an event around the corner. The interior … Continue reading

Travertine – CLOSED (right again…it sucked)


Italian-Inspired Modern Mediterranean 19 Kenmare St. – NoLita This is essentially a super-chic and pretentious night club with good, but not exceptional food. My house Pinot Noir ran $22 a glass or ‘quartino’, which was billed as more than a glass because it came in a tall thin carafe. It was a small pour, no way around it. Steve ordered a Stoli martini. The waitress said ‘we only have Stoli Elite, is that OK?’ … Continue reading