Milady’s Bar & Restaurant – CLOSED

miladys bar

Milady’s Bar in Soho is a classic dive bar.  It is a gem still standing in a gentrified and shopified neighborhood.  The Red Bench, our former Sullivan Street stand-by dive bar has been closed down.  It was a long time coming, but last night we were in that kind of mood in the middle of Soho and nowhere to go!  We’d had some appetizers and a few cocktails at Clarkson, a new hot spot nearby.  So as we passed through Soho we decided to go back to Milady’s Bar for the first time in years for a nightcap. It was still pretty early in the evening and we managed a spot at the crowded bar.  We immediately struck up conversations with everyone surrounding us.  It was a friendly, if a little bit drunken vibe.  We had a really enjoyable time and landed with a check equal to two cocktails  after quite a few beers.  Of course the nice gentleman next to us bought a round or even two.  And we bought back.  Either way, $30 seemed absurdly low, so I doubled it.  The 4 guys serving us at the last bar  got as much and certainly worked half as hard!  We’ll go back to Milady’s Bar, but probably not anytime soon.

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