Belle Reve | End of an Era

Belle Reve

Background Belle Reve means ‘sweet dreams’ or ‘beautiful dream’ in French.  But also, it is the name of the plantation in Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.  And most notably in recent history, the penitentiary in Suicide Squad.  All great references for a bar name. Since it opened just over 3 years ago, we have been frequenting our longest-running favorite NYC bar, Belle Reve in Tribeca.  We first discovered it not knowing the bar was … Continue reading

Milady’s Bar & Restaurant – CLOSED

miladys nyc

Milady’s Bar in Soho is a classic dive bar.  It is a gem still standing in a gentrified and shopified neighborhood.  The Red Bench, our former Sullivan Street stand-by dive bar has been closed down.  It was a long time coming, but last night we were in that kind of mood in the middle of Soho and nowhere to go!  We’d had some appetizers and a few cocktails at Clarkson, a new hot spot nearby. … Continue reading

Winnie’s – CLOSED

Winnie's – New York Magazine Review 104 Bayard St. – Chinatown Pictures speak a thousand words. We found this on the New York Times App as one of the top 50 bars in New York. Go figure. Maybe late night? We had a couple of Tsingdao beers and listened to everyone speak Chinese. The owner, Walter, was very nice. He asked if it was OK if he brought in the dog. Nevermind the cat :). … Continue reading



Trailer Park is the only way I can categorize this bar.  If you’ve ever been to the bar Trailer Park, it’s got the same theme and vibe.  If you want to know what I mean, just click on the website. It’s a ‘Boys Who Can’t Get A Date’ kind of bar. The food is shit and you get lots of it. And then there’s the legendary Bubba’s Back Porch Lemonade which was taken off the … Continue reading

151 Bar NYC – CLOSED

151 Bar

151 Bar NYC blows. Don’t do it. Of course you’d never find it anyway since it’s one of those ‘unsigned’ subterranean dive shitholes. It has the lovely decor of a stone-walled dungeon with a touch of 70’s. The bartenders are thugs. The patrons are a mix of pre-gentrification Lower East-Siders and hipsters. Been there one too many times. Our friend used to live around the corner and still likes to revisit his old stomping grounds. … Continue reading

Stanton Public – CLOSED

Stanton Public

Pub, local hangout, dive bar, outdoor drinking 17 Stanton St. bet Bowery & Chrystie – Lower East Side Stanton Public is a great dive hangout with outdoor seating.  This is the kind of spot where you get a PBR and a shot or a good draft beer.  It is inexpensive and friendly.  They carry a library of games which the locals seem to enjoy playing like Jenga, Uno and Checkers. The outdoor space is … Continue reading