The Marrow NYC – Harold Dieterle – CLOSED

The Marrow

The Marrow is Harold Dieterle’s newest NYC restaurant located in the former West Village Paris Commune space.  We were fans of Paris Commune, if not for the food, for the excellent location and rather large space for the West Village.  When it closed we were disappointed.  They had a great bar upstairs and a wine bar in the basement.  It sat vacant for quite some time, but then we heard Harold Dieterle was picking up … Continue reading

Hospoda – CLOSED

Central European (Czech, Austrian, Bavarian) Fine Dining 321 East 73rd Street – Upper East Side We decided to make a rare venture uptown to try a new Bohemian restaurant.  Hospoda is a unique dining experience and I would recommend it only for the more adventurous diner.   Also of note, this is a great place to take beer drinking friends.  Their meals are paired with Pilsner Urquell drafted in a variety of ways to … Continue reading