Marta Manhattan – Martha Washington Hotel


Marta Manhattan is yet another notch on the bedpost of Danny Meyer.  His empire continues to grow and as usual he delivers; this time with Chef Nick Anderer (formerly of Maialino) at the helm. The theme is thin crust wood fired Roman pizza and other Roman fare with seasonal and local ingredients.  The space is absolutely cavernous, taking up the entire ground floor of the Martha Washington Hotel on East 29th Street.  That area is … Continue reading

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

3/9/2014 As we arrived at Otto, I captured the classic shot of the awning and the delivery bikes.  It has been the same for years. With the onslaught of the latest and greatest, we often forget about the old favorites – those places that have been around for years and deserve their reputation.  Not that Otto Enoteca Pizzeria is a quaint little Mom & Pop shop or anything.  It is part of the ever-growing Mario … Continue reading

Chicago Specialty Foods

Mr Beef

Chicago is known for it’s growing fine dining and overall food scene.  And believe me, we sure checked that part out too.  But our afternoon plans involved trying Chicago Specialty Foods which include Italian Beef Sandwiches, Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago-Style Hot Dogs.  We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed every minute. Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches In Chicago there is deep dish pizza and there are Chicago-style dogs, but many do not know that the real ‘beef’ … Continue reading



We really enjoyed the calzones at this somewhat famed pizza spot. We had spent the day in Williamsburg with Steve’s family and went to a show at the Brooklyn Bowl, so we were a bit toasted and needing some food. The pizzas looked fantastic, but we opted for the calzones. They were really amazing. Calzones (served w/Watercress Salad): Tomato, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan, $14 Prosciutto, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Mushrooms, Ricotta, Mozzarella, $14 Warnings: Hipster alert!! Small … Continue reading

Regis Royal – CLOSED

Regis Royal

Regis Royal is a new restaurant located downtown at Rector and Washington Sts.  It seems the area is starting to come alive with new spots as we approach the 9/11 opening of the World Trade Center Memorial.  We could not be happier.  Between that and Danny Meyer’s new empire opening down here, we actually are getting some options. The Regis was a long time opening! We stared longingly at the papered windows for at least … Continue reading


We decided to check out yet another new spot that just opened on Mulberry Street. It’s a pizza joint, or so they say. We decided to try the other menu fare and we were very pleased. Although now we need to go back for the pie, which looks awesome. The decor is very rustic with lots of wood and steel. It’s also a rather narrow space with a bar to the right and two-seaters to … Continue reading