Harry’s NYC | A Wall Street Institution Since 1972

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Our Go-To Gets a Remodel We have very few ‘regular’ spots we can count on for solidly good food in Battery Park/Financial District. Harry’s NYC is one of them. Formerly Harry’s Cafe & Steak, now just Harry’s. Named after Harry Poulakakos, who’s family owns many downtown institutions, this spot is focused on Steak and does cater to the Wall Street crowd on weeknights. But for those of us living near Stone Street, this is a … Continue reading

Strip House Downtown

Strip House

We have not been to Strip House in what we think is 13 years?  Our first visit was well before blogging and even Smartphones.  Wow.  One thing remained the same; we left as stuffed as we did the first time.  The first occasion was our Wedding Anniversary and this time we tried Thanksgiving Dinner at Strip House.  The Thanksgiving Menu was their standard steak-centric offering with a Turkey special for $42.  Absurdity, but this is … Continue reading

Minetta Tavern

Minetta Tavern

We have waited a ridiculous amount of time to go to Minetta Tavern.  That is thanks to their former reservation system or lack thereof.  Now that they’ve automated to Open Table, reservations are a breeze.  And we’ll be going there more often.  The atmosphere was great.  It had a Waverly Inn type vibe in the back room with all of its original artwork.  The food was fantastic and really not over-priced.  One might argue about … Continue reading