East River Esplanade – Pier 15

East River Esplanade

We took a walk over to the Seaport today and checked out the new Pier 15 park. The structure has been done for a few months, but we were hoping to see an open restaurant or other retail space on the pier. So far, nothing.  However we have photos from early spring vs. now and the greenery has come along nicely.  The hot weather brought out some truly crazy sunbathers.  One nice bonus is the … Continue reading

Kisan Concept Store – CLOSED

http://www.kisanstore.com/ 125 Greene Street – SoHo This is a super-cool eclectic store carrying home goods, accessories and apparel for all ages and both genders. They’ve got books, hats ‘n’ gloves, cool apparel, stuffed animals, overpriced jewelry, handbags, vintage DVD’s and on it goes. There’s pretty much something for everyone. There’s something way cool about everything; it’s very urban. I’ve noted boutiques and reviewers now consider themselves ‘curated’, which cracks me up a bit. Let’s say … Continue reading

Annual Beer & Bourbon Event

BBQ http://www.beerandbourbon.com/new-york/show-info la.venue 608 W. 28th @ 11th Ave – Chelsea $75/person VIP Event 12-4 All you can eat and drink If this comes to town annually, I’d recommend it. It’s a fun time for a group of friends. There’s plenty of opportunity to drink! Nothing special on the beer front and we are not bourbon drinkers, but we did try some. The food was plentiful. The BEST BBQ was Hill Country’s brisket on bourbon … Continue reading